Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Lloydminster Youth Council!

Pictured above:
Back Row– Amina Mangla (Vice Chair), Keisha Webber, Ife Antonio, Ethan Samarin, Allie Tobin
Front Row – Maheen Mangla (Chair), Cam Tomayer (Secretary), Mary Delfin, Aaron Rousson, and Camille McDaniel

Coordinators: Shamille Sarcauga
City Representative: Chynna Floriano
Steering Committee Chair: Lorelee Marin

*Thank you to Kim Capiral for donating the following photos.

Maheen Mangla (Chair)

Maheen is 16 years old and is a Grade 11 student at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. This is her second year on the Council and she joined because she wanted to be able to create and assist in making ideas for the betterment of the community. Some fun facts about Maheen are that she is part of the Ahmadi Muslim community, which first instilled her love for volunteering and helping others. She is a strong feminist and she loves to read, write and travel which is why she aspires to study abroad after high school to become a Gynecologist!
Amina Mangla (Vice Chair)
Amina is 17 years old and is a Grade 12 student at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School. This is her second year on the Council. She wanted to be on the Council so she could participate more in community events. Some fun facts about her are that she loves to write, she thinks film is very important and she loves to travel. We love having her on the Council and will be sad to see her go next year but are excited to see where she goes after graduating!
Cam Tomayer (Secretary)

Cam is 16 years old and is a Grade 11 student at Holy Rosary High School. This is their second year on the Council. A fun fact about them is that they are deaf and want to educate more people about the deaf community and what it’s like to grow up with a disability! They presented at Pecha Kucha last year and it was truly outstanding. Their favourite colour is yellow and they love art! We love having them on the Council!
Keisha Webber
Our next member Keisha loves cats and she would like to see Lloydminster with more youth programs and accessible services.
Ife Antonio
One of the reasons why Ife joined LYC is to create an impact and bringing accessibility to everyone in the community.
Ethan Samarin
Ethan is a member of the Air Cadets and he joined LYC to promote physical activities to the youth of Lloydminster.
Allie Tobin
Allie loves art and music and would like to be a part of the impact that LYC brings to the community!
Mary Delfin

As a member of the Youth Council, Mary hopes to connect the youth through activities and events and show what each youth can give to the community.
Aaron Rousson
Aaron hopes to have transportation accessible to everyone in the community and to have more active youth in Lloydminster.
Camille McDaniel

This is Camille’s second year and she enjoys volunteering and being a part of LYC events and all the projects that serve the community.